Food Supplements


Labomar Research works to create, develop and manufacture innovative and added-value products in the nutraceutical field. Many of our food supplements are developed with patented technological systems, which improve their bioavailability and taste, and that modulate absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Medical Devices


A Medical Device is a product that carries out its activity through a mechanical action, and for which it is possible to express a peculiar medical claim.

Labomar has designed, developed and produced a wide range of medical devices for several therapeutic areas; these products are classified according to their specific formulation (class I, class IIA and class III) and are ready to be put on the market.

Product icon Aphthae and buccal lesions
Product icon Cough and cold
Product icon Gastroenterology
Product icon Gynecology
Product icon Detox
Product icon Proctology
Product icon Urology
Product icon Weight management
Product icon Wound healing

Foods for Special Medical Purposes


Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs) are intended to be the partial or complete nourishment of subjects (including infants) that have an altered capacity to eat, digest, metabolize, or eliminate food or specific substances. From a nutraceutical point of view, FSMPs can be complete or incomplete, or can present adjustments focused on patients’ specific needs. These products are aimed to prevent malnutrition.

Product icon Metabolic disease
Product icon Chronic intestinal inflammation
Product icon Dysphagia



Labomar designs and develops both healing topical products aimed to the treatment of skin problems and anti-aging products.

Healing line

Product icon
Product icon
Acne rosacea
Product icon
Product icon
Atopic dermatitis

Beauty line

Product icon
Skin care
Product icon
Oral care
Product icon
Hair care
Product icon
Sun care
Product icon
Skin cleanser

Functional Foods


Functional Foods represent an interesting product category for the future: they are enriched with healthy components, which are either already present in the same food or synergize with the nutrients.

Labomar has designed and developed:

Product icon
Enriched juice
Product icon
Product icon

Raw Materials


Food supplements market demands high quality standards and the possibility to differentiate from competitors. Labomar offers this opportunity to his Customers, thanks to a complete control on the production chain, starting from raw materials.

Beyond a wide range of dry, liquid, food and cosmetic extracts, Labomar also offers the possibility to develop exclusive and branded raw materials and blends.

Our raw materials:

Product icon Fermented papaya
Product icon Fermented pineapple
Product icon Fermented Goji
Product icon Fermented red rice
Product icon Fluid and dry extracts