Relief rectal suppositories

To relieve a heavy discomfort.

Medical Device for the treatment of hemorrhoids, proctitis and anal fissures, it reduces pain, burning and itching.

Medical Device with emollient and humectant properties, indicated in patients with symptoms related to hemorrhoids, proctitis and anal fissures, as for example burning, itching and pain.
The regular use of the device, thanks to its lubricant and protective action, helps the restoration of the anal epithelium, while favoring the regression of inflammation and irritation.
The device helps to improve the symptoms related to hemorrhoids, soothing pain, burning, itching and painful defecation.

Posology and Instructions For Use:
1 suppository per day, possibily after defecation and before going to bed, or according to medical advice

Medical Device CE Class II A 0477

10 suppositories in blister.

Shelf-life: 36 months.