Quality and innovation in the production of food supplements

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Ironec Purple

Ferro ad elevata biodisponibilità, adatto a tutti.

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“We believe in research and innovation to improve people’s wellbeing. We want to be a source of inspiration for our customers through the cross-contamination of ideas.”
Walter Bertin Founder and CEO
  • Constant innovation in Research and Development gives rise to patented technologies. find out more
  • High production standards ensure quality, scientific thoroughness and efficiency. find out more
  • A policy of Technologies and Patents to ensure originality, safety and effectiveness. find out more
A good life is built up day by day, creating better, safe and effective products, while ensuring your team works in positive and stimulating environments.
The way we work
Communication with customers and sharing of ideas to create the best products.
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What guides us
Labomar production sites have Quality Units and cutting-edge technologies to pharmaceutical standards.
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