The way we work

Labomar brings together skills, know-how and professionalism able to identify and implement state-of-the-art and bespoke solutions for its clients. Its forward-thinking and ability to innovate, combined with the safety of the products manufactured, allow it to enter markets with confidence.

Labomar Research

A team of researchers collaborates with clients to develop bespoke projects, with an ongoing commitment to creating ready-to-sell formulations for swift market entry.

Regulatory Affairs

Skilled professionals able to offer the most precise and current date guidance on current international directives and regulations in the nutraceutical and cosmetic fields. In-depth knowledge and experience in regulatory affairs enable the creation of technical dossiers for medical devices according to the new Regulation (MDR), ensuring reliability and safety for our clients.


Our production facilities are fitted with the latest transformation technologies. They can offer a broad array of packaging lines.

Quality control

Meticulous Partner selection and stringent control over the entire production chain to guarantee its clients effective and safe products meeting the highest compliance standards.

Finished product

This is the outcome of a detailed process and the dedication of a team of talented and enthusiastic professionals who develop solutions ready for the market solutions.