Labomar Research

Continual scientific research and the development of continually innovative patented technologies are central to our operations. The Labomar Research team is devoted to working with top-quality raw materials, creating innovative formulations, and producing thorough scientific documentation.

The team

A team committed to assisting each client in devising innovative solutions, bringing together knowledge, expertise, and technology.

Technology and Patents

TEN: The Labomar Research division is dedicated to developing and patenting consistently innovative technologies. Currently, it has a portfolio comprising seven platform patents and six formulation patents.

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New formulas/year


Platform patents


Formula patents




Continual clinical trials and prestigious scientific publications are accomplished together with major Italian universities and working with cutting-edge clinical structures and research centres.

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Labomar Scientific Service

Expert service in product planning and design, including conducting specific in vitro pre-clinical tests to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of formulations, as well as laboratory analysis of the phytotherapeutic properties of raw materials.

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