Formulation Patents

COLEOSOMA – EPO 14716338.0

Formulation which alters the physiological absorption of dietary cholesterol and fats. A specific pool of excipients and cationized chitosan enable the bile salts to be precipitated and the fat emulsion to be reduced, therefore limiting their absorption in the intestine.

Pharmaceutical form: gastro-resistant tablets.

Examples of application: formulation in tablets to be swallowed whole, specifically developed for controlling the blood lipid profile and for weight control.

GASTROSOMA – W02017077459A1

Formulation in tablets and gel for the treatment of symptoms of gastritis and gastro-oesophageal reflux. A patented formulation which actively protects the stomach from damage and symptoms related to gastritis, ulcers and reflux. Thanks to its unique excipients, Gastrosoma protects the gastric mucosa:

  • by diluting the gastric acids which attack the mucosa, thereby raising the pH.
  • by creating a mechanical barrier that prevents gastro-oesophageal reflux.
  • by epithelizing and healing any damaged mucosa.
  • by performing an antibacterial action, in particular against H. pylori.

Pharmaceutical form: tablets and gel in stick packs.

Examples of application: useful medical device to approach and resolve the most common symptoms of gastric discomfort.


IRONEC PURPLE – 102017000039524

High bioavailability iron for everyone. Patented formulation which allows the release of high bioavailability iron with a pleasant taste and without the typical side effects of classic iron supplements.

The iron delivered by IronEC remains in an active form along the whole digestive tract, thanks to the protection given by the dairy proteins and by vitamins C and E – components of the patent.

Pharmaceutical form: oral-soluble and water-soluble powder, capsules, tablets.

Examples of application: : food supplement of iron, useful in the case of sideropenia, caused by pregnancy, Mediterranean anaemia, iron-deficient diet, peptic ulcer, laxative abuse or other intestinal pathologies which affect the absorption of iron.



A mixture of substances to recreate in a tablet a «culture medium» specific for the intestinal physiological microflora, nourishing and sustaining its proliferation. A new concept of prebiotic, which forms the perfect nutrition for the intestinal endogenous bacterial flora. Day after day it restores the eubiotic state. The main advantages that PROBIOSOMA guarantees are:

  • no fermentation (typically connected with taking probiotic fibres).
  • specific distribution in the colon mucosa.
  • adjustability according to the selected strain.
  • more effectiveness than Inulin.
  • a global effect as promoter of colonization and probiotic growth.

Pharmaceutical form: gastro-resistant tablets.

Examples of application: useful formulations for intestinal wellbeing and for the balance of the beneficial microflora, whenever, after antibiotic treatment, it has been depleted.


ATProtector is a food supplement with patented formulation that comes in oral-soluble powder or tablets, designed to be a protection against NSAIDs side effects, with ATP.


Protective cream gel, with patented formulation, that thanks to its properties, acts as a defensive barrier ad coadjuvant in the treatment of intraepithelial microlesions due to HPV.