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Cough and cold

Medical Device for dry and productive cough management, suitable for children up to 2 years old.

Medical device useful for cough and sore throat treatment. It can be used in case of dry cough, productive cough or hay fever cough. Fixotuss, thanks to its natural extract and glycerol, is able to form a long-lasting mucoadhesive film that protects mucosa against irritant agents, improving upper respiratory tract functionality. It favors laryngeal mucosa and mucus hydration, easing mucus expulsion. The mucilage-rich formulation protects mucosa against irritation, with an emmolient and lenitive action in case of sore throat

Available also in the sugar-free option

Medical Device CE PENDING

120 ml bottle.
10 ml stickpacks.
5 ml stickpacks.

Shelf-life: 24 months.