Protect your throat.
Cough and cold

Medical Device in tablets for the management of cough and irritated throat.

Medical device indicated to relieve cough, dry and wet, irritative or allergic and for the treatment of irritated throat. It forms a muco-adhesive film with barrier effect that acts with a protective and consequently soothing action on the upper respiratory tract, preventing the contact of irritant agents with the oro-pharyngeal mucosa and it is usefull in case of: hoarseness, painfull swallowing, oro-pharingitis, sore throat, cold; usefull to prevents xerostomy (dry mouth) in patients that can breath only with mouth, like for example in post-operative period of otorhinolaryngological interventions. It re-hydrates quickly the oro-pharyngeal mucosa, decreasing pain and burn of inflamed mucosa.

Posology and Instructions for use:
Dissolve slowly the tablet in the mouth, without chew.
Adults and Teens: Dissolve slowly 1 tablet, up to 5- 6 tablets per day.
Children over 6 years: Dissolve slowly 1 tablet, up to 4 tablets per day.

Dispositivo medico CE penging

Packaging: 20 compresse in blister.

Shelf-life: 24 mesi.