Stick Packs

Labomar has for some time been investing in the practical Stick Pack, an easy-to-open single-dose tube-shaped packet heat-sealed on 3 sides.
This type of primary packaging is extremely practical because it is relatively small and therefore portable, meaning that the contents can be consumed on-the-go without needing a glass. Not only does it offer easier opening, but also guarantees a faster intake of the contents, thereby increasing product compliance in respect of end user interaction. The material and type of closure allows the application of attractive illustrations, making the product immediately recognisable even out of the retail pack. The Stick Pack is a primary packaging suitable for holding:  
  • granulates
  • water-soluble powders
  • oral soluble powders
  • liquids
  • probiotics
  It ensures that all the organoleptic properties of the product it contains, whatever the pharmaceutical form, are preserved by protecting it against light, oxygen and humidity.