An original formulation for a targeted action.

Protective cream gel, that thanks to its properties, acts as a defensive barrier ad coadjuvant in the treatment of intraepithelial microlesions due to HPV.

Active ingredients Quantity for dose

Medical Device helpful:
• for the control of cervicovaginal normal transformation zone
• in the treatment of inflammatory and dystrophic diseases and intraepithelial microlesions (SIL): it helps the re-epithelialization process and the removal of “dead cells”. It favours a better reepithelialization by keeping the possible micro-wounds clean.
• for the restoration of the normal physiological conditions after diathermocoagulation or colposcopy.
• for the treatment of dry vaginal and vulvar mucosa
• to restore normal physiological conditions in the post-physical treatment of vulvar condyloma.

Medical device Class II A 0373

30 ml pack + 6 vaginal applicators

Shelf Life

36 months