The new topical hormone-free treatment.

Medical device in gel useful for vaginal dryness.

The JuveGyn Medical Device is a hormone-free lubricating gel. Thanks to the high content of Hyaluronic acid, the presence of Centella asiatica extract and Polycarbophil, it has a protective and emollient action on the vaginal mucosa, improving its turgor. Also useful as an adjuvant in case of post menopausal atrophic vaginitis: it supports the re-epithelialization processes in the case of micro-lesions that can cause burning, itching or pain even during sexual intercourse.

Recommended dosage:
1 vaginal application per day for 6 consecutive days, then 1 application every 3 days or according to medical advice.

Medical device CE Class II A 0477

30 ml tube + 6 vaginal applicators

Shelf-life: 30 months.