28 September 2020

Today Labomar has received the prestigious MIKE Award Italy (Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise), supported by Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice and Strategy Innovation Forum, which recognises companies’ innovation that pursue and convert their knowledge into products, services and superior solutions. The award ceremony, sponsored by Cisco Italy and hosted on the Webex platform, hosted a round table where companies discussed the main innovative challenge of their business. In a particular year like 2020, in which the Covid-19 emergency has create a great number of requests for the healthcare sectors, Labomar confidently demonstrated its capacity to supersede the crisis and its challenges. It was possible thanks to the commitment of all the players involved and the production method based on the concept of Lean Management. Putting people at the centre, minimising waste (until they are completely eliminated), as well as operating with a view to improving performance and professional growth, has allowed us to respond promptly to the recent emergency.