4 February 2021

Labomar closed 2020 with a preliminary consolidated turnover of approximately €61.1 million. An increase of 26.3% compared to the consolidated turnover achieved in 2019. The 2020 figure includes for the first time a full year of revenues and margins of the Canadian ImportFab, acquired in October 2019. The turnover of Labomar SpA alone in 2020 amounted to approximately 51.8 million euros (+ 10.2% vs 2019).

“2020 was another year of strong acceleration for Labomar – explained CEO and founder Walter Bertin. “Not an easy year, doomed by the COVID-19 emergency, that has led us, once again, to bring out the best in us. Despite some temporary market slowdowns, we have shown our ability to grow even in a negative economic context by capitalizing on our assets gained by experience and know-how acquired through investments in Research and Development made over the years. The resilience of the company, its ability to adapt and ride the changes have allowed a great increase in turnover and we are very satisfied and proud. Labomar’s strong dynamism has allowed us to approach, at the same time, new markets and consolidate our relationships with our long-standing customers.”