15 June 2021

Trees: essential for our life and for the environment, they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity, fight soil erosion. And yet, there are fewer and fewer of them in the world. For this reason Labomar has decided to collaborate with Treedom: a reality that promotes reforestation projects throughout the world, giving the possibility to plant trees at a distance, financing farmers and supporting their work especially in the early years, when the plants aren’t productive.

LIFE is the forest that the company dedicates to life: the life that has just come into the world, the one already committed to a path for common well-being, the one that fights for the communities, territories and environments that surround us. Our desire is to donate new oxygen to our planet and to give concrete help to all the farmers who live in the areas that we will choose for reforestation every year. Our 200 trees will be planted in Cameroon: they will be cocoa trees, a very precious plant that can not only be cultivated to produce cocoa, but also finds applications in traditional medicine and cosmetics; it can be used as feed to feed livestock and has a positive function for the balance of the soil.

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