9 August 2021

Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG, an international institutional investor, has taken a 3.79% stake in Labomar. Walter Bertin, founder and Chief Executive Officer, has accepted the request made by the German fund to sell, through LBM Holding, 700,000 shares (equal to approx. 3.79% of the total outstanding shares), at a price of Euro 12.70, which includes a discount of almost 5% on the closing price of Friday, July 30 (Euro 13.35). The sale was carried out in BTF (Block Trade Facilities) mode, as a result of which Walter Bertin’s holding, through LBM Holding, decreased from 71.1% to 67.3%.

Walter Bertin statement: ” The undertaking of a stake by such a major globally recognised investor is a very important step for our Company. This transaction completes a journey that over the last quarter has seen a growing interest in Labomar also among investors usually less interested in Italian Small Caps. This interest is a great compliment and rewards the strategic path embarked on by our company, which is also testament to Italian excellence in the research and production of food supplements and medical devices.”

The complete press release is available on the “Results and press releases” page of our INVESTOR section.