22 April 2022

Today the consolidated revenues of the Labomar Group relative to the Q1 2022, that they turn out pairs to approximately 19 million euros, are announced. For the first time, the data include the contributions of the companies acquired in 2021, namely Gruppo Welcare and Labiotre Srl, as well as Labomar Spa and Entreprises ImportFab.  Compared to consolidated revenues in the same period of 2021, that were equal to 14.1 million euros, the increase is 34.4%.

The Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Walter Bertin said: “I am extremely pleased with these results for the first three months of 2022, not only as they reflect growth, but also as for the first time they include all the companies acquired, each of which has successfully maximised market opportunities, even amid a challenging socio-economic environment. […] The strategy of controlling the entire value chain introduced by the company has supported the good performance and a return to strong positioning.”

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