30 June 2022

Scientific Report, the prestigious scientific publication of the Nature group, has recently published a study on the effectiveness of VeggyGerdPRO (code REF FTP78) in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), conducted by T. Pecora, O.I. Parisi, W. Bertin, B. Ragazzo, M. Dattilo, N. Scigliano, R. Malivindi, F. Amone and F. Puoci.

The study was carried out by Labomar in collaboration with the University of Calabria and with the spin off for applied research of the Department of Pharmacy and SNN, Macrofarm Srl, which shares with Labomar the interest in the development of functional products in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical field, and has achieved a very important result.

In fact, the ex vivo and in vitro studies conducted on esophageal mucosa have demonstrated the effectiveness of the device in forming a persistent protective barrier to the typical acid insult of GERD, the reparative efficacy in the case of micro-Mucosal erosions and preventive effectiveness against damage caused by gastric acids, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of the medical device.

The class iib medical device, available in the form of stickpack gel and made with active ingredients exclusively vegetable, is formulated and industrialized in Labomar, which today holds the intellectual property and certification of the CE marking.

You can read the details of the scientific study at the link below: