22 May 2024

Labomar took part to the second edition of “Space Meetings Veneto“, an international event promoted by Regione del Veneto and Rete Innovativa Regionale AIR – Aerospace Innovation and Research. 3 days of meetings to understand how to create and share knowledge of such an incredible industry as space is.

Walter Bertin, founder and CEO of Labomar, gave a speech about “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano… in Space”. He provided an in-depth analysis of how nutraceuticals can be a valid ally in space missions as well as in other areas of life such as aging, bone health, muscle tone, gastrointestinal balance, mood, sleep quality and female well-being.

Labomar has always been guided by the belief that every challenge, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, hides an opportunity. The company already has significant knowledge and technologies to be applied in nutraceutical products for the aerospace industry, which represents a strong accelerator for innovation where to get involved.