Gel with natural active ingredients.
Oral Wound Care

Medical device in gel useful in case of aphtae and aphthous stomatitis with natural active ingredients.

APHTHA RELIEF is a gel that forms a protective film on the microlesions which reduces the pain and the burning sensation and favors re-epithelialization phenomena. To be used in case of aphtae, aphthous stomatitis and small mouth lesions, as for instance lesions due to contact with orthodontic appliances and fixed or removable prostheses.

Posology and instructions for use:
Apply one or two drops of gel , so as to cover the whole lesion, avoiding the contact with the applicator. In case the lesion is barely reachable , apply the gel with a clean finger or gauze.
Avoid touching with the tongue for at least 2 minutes, so that the product can form the protective film and remain as much as possible on the lesion. Apply 3 or 4 times a day or more, according to your need.

Medical device CE 0373 Class II A

Packaging: 15 ml tube

Shelf Life: 24 months