Strategy and Goals

The Group targets the furthering of its growth and development strategy in order to consolidate and strengthen its competitive positioning.
We seek to pursue the following strategic actions:


Acquisition-led growth through the acquisition of companies that operate in markets not yet covered by the Group, in terms mainly of geographical expansion and the acquisition of new technologies, but without excluding any opportunities to consolidate market share.


Strengthening of the commercial structure through developing the commercial management, hiring new Business Development Managers to oversee the domestic and international market, as well as through the exploitation of marketing channels, in order to consolidate its market positioning and tap into new business opportunities.


Boosting the share of wallet among a broad base of international pharmaceutical companies, in particular those with multi-country distribution capacity, which are interested in expanding collaboration to more geographies than currently covered.


Strengthening the Research and Development division through investments in projects to create new formulations and obtain new patents, as well as through the establishment of strategic relationships with universities, clinics and research laboratories in the pharmacological and pharmaceutical technology fields.


Strengthening of its position in the cosmetic segment, both organically – also through the upcoming construction of a dedicated plant – and through ImportFab.


Focus on a responsible, sustainable and transparent development model , which integrates operating-earnings objectives with social and environmental aspects. For this reason, Labomar has amended its By-Laws to become a Benefit Company and has embarked on a path to obtain the B-Corp Certification in 2022.


Gaining of synergies with Importfab, Welcare, LaboVar and Labomar Next in order to expand the portfolio and its commercial proposals, sharing the results achieved by the Research and Development function, as well as integrating marketing activities. Moreover, through its subsidiaries Importfab and Labomar Next, Labomar also seeks tap into the opportunities presented by the growing cannabis market for pharmaceutical use, in particular on the North American market.


Capex focused on expanding and restructuring production to obtain efficiencies, on a Lean Transformation basis.