Strategy and Goals

The Group targets the furthering of its growth and development strategy in order to consolidate and strengthen its competitive positioning.
We seek to pursue the following strategic actions:


The acquisitions of recent years have allowed Labomar to become a system integrator with a presence throughout the supply chain, upstream with Labomar Next, Labiotre and PrintingPack for the sourcing of the raw material and the pack, and downstream with the companies dealing directly with the customer (Labomar, Welcare, ImportFab and LaboVar).


Tapping into the synergies with Importfab, Welcare, Labiotre, LaboVar and Labomar Next so as to expand the portfolio and the commercial offer, sharing the results from research and development and integrating marketing activities. In addition, through its investees Importfab and Labomar Next, Labomar shall pursue the opportunities presented by the growing cannabis for pharmaceutical use market.


Not only cross-selling, but also the international expansion of the Labomar Group, thanks to the companies joining the Group and allowing us to penetrate new geographical areas – particularly the United Arab Emirates and China. It is fundamental that processes and policies are also integrated to obtain comprehensive synergies.


Focus on a responsible, sustainable and transparent development model, which marries operating-earnings objectives with social and environmental aspects. This focus continues to be evident across all Labomar projects. The company some time ago launched the process to obtain B-Corp Certification.


Continuous strengthening of the Research and Development division through investments in projects focused on creating new formulations and obtaining new patents, in addition to the establishment of strategic collaborations with Universities, clinics and research laboratories in the fields of pharmacology and pharmaceutical technology.


Strengthening its position in the cosmetics segment, both leveraging the knowledge and expertise at Labomar, and through ImportFab.


Focus on investments to expand and restructure production to ensure efficiencies, according to Lean Transformation principles.